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Dr Gary Doherty - Publications

Ou HL, Hoffmann R, Gonzalez-Lopez C, Doherty GJ, Korkola JE and Munoz-Espin D. Cellular senescence in cancer: from mechanisms to detection. Molecular Oncology, 2020, online ahead of print.
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27 Sep 2020
Gomes F… Doherty GJ… and Simcock R. The care of older patients with cancer in the United Kingdom. Ecancer, 2020, 14: article 1101.
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15 Sep 2020
Doherty GJ, Goksu M, and de Paula BHR. Rethinking cancer clinical trials for COVID-19 and beyond. Nature Cancer, 2020, May 29;1-5.
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29 May 2020
Tamborero et al. Support systems to guide clinical decision-making in precision oncology: The Cancer Core Europe Molecular Tumor Board Portal. Nature Medicine, 2020, Jul;26(7):992-994.
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06 Jul 2020
De Paula, BHR, Araujo I, Bandeira L, Barreto NMPB and Doherty GJ. Recommendations from national regulatory agencies for ongoing cancer trials during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lancet Oncology, 2020, May;21(5):624-627.
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21 May 2020
González-Gualda E, Pàez-Ribes M, Lozano-Torres B, Macias D, Wilson JR 3rd, González-López C, Ou HL, Mirón-Barroso S, Zhang Z, Lérida-Viso A, Blandez JF, Bernardos A, Sancenón F, Rovira M, Fruk L, Martins CP, Serrano M, Doherty GJ, Martínez-Máñez R, Muñoz-Espín D. Galacto-conjugation of Navitoclax as an efficient strategy to increase senolytic specificity and reduce platelet toxicity. Aging Cell, 2020, Apr;19(4):e13142.
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31 Mar 2020
Paez-Ribes M, Gonzales-Gualda E, Doherty GJ and Munoz-Espin D. Targeting senescent cells in translational medicine. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2019, Dec; 11(12): e10234.
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19 Nov 2019
Doherty GJ, Petruzzelli M, Beddowes E, Ahmad S, Caldas C and Gilbertson RJ. Cancer treatment in the genomic era. Annual Review of Biochemistry, volume 88, 2019.
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29 Mar 2020