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Dr Timothy Rittman

Honorary Neurology Consultant

I am a Senior Clinical Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, and an Honorary Neurology Consultant in the Cognitive clinics at Addenbrooke’s hospital.
Dr. Timothy Rittman

My current role

My research is into rare types of dementia called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Syndrome, trying to understand how they progress through the brain using neuroimaging, cognitive assessment and neuropathology. I also have an interest in translating AI and machine learning methods into memory clinics. I am part of the Addenbrooke’s memory clinic, I run the Disorders of Movement and Cognition Clinic, and I co-lead the Dementia Genetics Clinic with Simon Holden (geneticist).

Previous history

I trained as a neurology registrar in the East of England. Prior to that, I have worked in London, Lincoln and Nottingham.

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