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CUH Directions – mobile app

We know visiting hospital can be an overwhelming experience and we want to make navigating our site easier.

CUH Directions is for patients and visitors.

The mobile app will help you find your way around Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals.

It helps you find your way to:

  • clinics
  • wards
  • other facilities on our campus.

It has links to:

  • key hospital phone numbers
  • car parking information

The app also provides instructions showing you how to get to Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie by car, bike, public transport or on foot.

So how does it work?

Plot in your start and end point. The app will map out an illustrated route around the hospitals. Photographs of corridors and key landmarks on the journey help you to see your route in advance. The text instructions can be increased in size and also work with screen readers.

The app was the result of a patient-led project in the Trust’s Outpatient Experience Group and was funded Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

Directions to our entrances

On arrival at our hospitals, the app can help you get from car parks 1 and 2 as well as the main bus station to one of our entrances.

Choose Car Parks 1 or 2, or Bus Station as your starting point (where are you now?), to get directions to a hospital entrance. 

Once you have arrived at that entrance:

  1. tap the menu button on the top left of your screen
  2. select get directions from the menu that appears
  3. use the entrance you are at as the starting point e.g main entrance (where are you now?)
  4. choose your final destination e.g. Clinic 2 (where do you want to go?)
  5. select calculate route to continue getting directions to your destination.

How to download CUH Directions

The app can be download on iOS and Android devices.

Download and give it a try.

After you have downloaded the app. CUH Directions can be used without any internet access (WiFi or data).

Providing feedback

As a user of the CUH Directions App, we appreciate your time providing feedback on your experience with the App.

We are keen to understand which elements you found most useful, and what was not so useful.

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we review the function and benefits of the App.

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