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Rosie birth centre

We believe the well being of women and their families come first. Our philosophy of care is grounded in the belief that each woman’s labour and birth is unique, special and a celebratory occasion.

Rosie Birth Centre - Video tour


Video transcript: Rosie Birth Centre

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The Rosie birth centre is run by experienced

midwives and maternity

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support workers who provide a 24 hour

midwifery led service, providing labour assessment

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1 to 1 midwifery care in labour

and post-natal care.

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The very best centre can be found at the front of

the Rosie Hospital's main entrance on level one.

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Press the buzzer to gain entry

and you'll be greeted and shown to your room

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before attending.

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Please telephone the birth centre on 01223 217003,

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so that plans can be made for your arrival.

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Often, advice can be provided over the phone

to help you plan to come in at the right time

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for you.

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The Rosie Birth Centre has two assessment rooms

where you may be seen

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if your daughters have gone before labour

or for an antenatal or postnatal appointment.

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There are ten birthing suites, each

with a generously sized birthing pool,

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an en-suite, shower, toilet, double bed,

and some have access to the garden.

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There's mood lighting

and the temperature of the room can be adjusted.

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And there's also a CD player

and some Bluetooth speakers available.

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If you wish to remain active

and try a variety of positions in number,

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there are several items to support this.

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These include birthing bowls, stools,

mats, beanbags, rails to hold on to and the cup,

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a large inflated shape

that can be used in a variety of ways,

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but is often used in a kneeling position.

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Nutrition and hydration

are especially important in labour, and after birth

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we have a water dispenser in the waiting room

and in the birth centre itself,

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there's a kitchen

where birth partners are encouraged to fetch

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snacks from, including hot drinks,

fruit juice sandwiches and other light bites.

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We can support use of hypnobirthing

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techniques here

and help you to create a calming environment.

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The pool can be filled deeply with warm water,

and this has many benefits

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helping you to manage as your labor progresses.

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We also offer Entonox, also known as gas and air.

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And this may be used whilst you're in the pool.

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Other options for pain relief

include an injection of diamorphine.

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If further pain relief is required, transfer

to the main delivery unit can be arranged

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for times when a transfer to the main delivery

unit is required.

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We have a direct, which means this can be achieved

within a few minutes and in privacy.

Can I have my baby here?

Having a baby at Rosie birth centre is suitable for:

  • Women who are fit and healthy and have not had any complications in this pregnancy.
  • Women who go into labour between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy and want a normal, natural birth experience.

If you are under the care of a consultant obstetrician, you may still be eligible to have your baby at the birth unit and an appointment with the consultant midwife will be made. Please discuss this at your antenatal clinic appointment.

You may also discuss any queries with your community midwife.

Facilities available

Birthing pools are available in every room. Many women gain comfort from relaxing in water during labour and often stay in the pool for the birth of their baby. Each also has its own en suite with shower and WC – Women may choose to sit on an exercise ball in the shower during labour.

A birthing pool and wet room at the Rosie birth centre
Birthing pool and wet room

There is mood lighting and music systems available to stimulate a home-like environment. Equipment such as birthing balls and slings assist help women remain upright while in active labour

Birthing suite at the Rosie birth centre
An example of our mood lighting

Contact us

Telephone: 01223 217003

Cambridge University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road

How to find us

The main entrance is located on Robinson Way. There are emergency drop-off points here, but people are advised to park in the patient and visitor car park opposite the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre, and walk through to the Rosie Hospital.

Entrance to the Rosie Birth Centre
Entrance to the Rosie Hospital and Rosie birth centre