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Our strategy

CUH Together, Our Strategy was launched in 2016, developed with staff, partners and stakeholders and it sets out a five-year roadmap for CUH.

It provides a framework for making decisions about the future of our Trust alongside setting out our vision to improve people’s quality of life through innovative and sustainable healthcare.

Our chief executive Roland Sinker talks more about our overall approach in this short video.

Our strategy, as told by chief executive Roland Sinker

Our strategy, as told by chief executive Roland Sinker


Every year we review our strategy to make sure it is still relevant within the changing environment in which we are operating. This year, 2020, has been unprecedented, and we have developed our strategy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our priorities

We have also refreshed our priorities to take account of the evolving challenges and opportunities we face and to make sure we are on track. We have set out on three goals for CUH

  • Improving patient care – including by safely restoring our non-Covid services alongside caring for patients with Covid, working with partners and enabled by technology, and ensuring we always provide the highest standards of care;
  • Supporting our staff – including by having enough staff with the right skills, ensuring staff are healthy and able to do their jobs, and achieving greater equality and diversity; and
  • Building for the future – including by building three new hospitals over the next decade, developing an Integrated Care System across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and deepening relationships with industry and academic partners.

Within each of these goals we have identified a range of specific objectives for the next 18 months, and we report on implementation of the strategy at every public meeting of the board of directors. Working together is a core part of how we deliver our objectives in a way that is consistent with our values: together, safe, kind and excellent.