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Your appointment

Our outpatient department provides clinical care to more than 17,000 patients a month in the form of consultations, assessments, tests and treatments.

Non-urgent advice: Help us to protect our staff and patients

If you can, please do a Lateral Flow Test on the day of your Outpatient appointment, prior to attending it.

If the test is positive and your appointment is critical, please contact the clinic before attending so that necessary arrangements can be put in place.  If your appointment is not critical, please avoid attending by contacting the call centre on 01223 806000 and asking to have the appointment converted into a telephone or video appointment, or delayed until your Covid status is negative again.

If you do not have access to tests and do not exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 you may still attend. A test prior to your appointment is entirely voluntary though very helpful.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

We ask patients to attend their appointment alone where possible, but should you feel you need the support, we ask that this is restricted to one adult. If you feel you need additional people to accompany you then please contact the clinic beforehand to make appropriate arrangements.

While social distancing restrictions have been relaxed, be aware that each department has a maximum capacity for health and safety reasons – if this capacity is reached we may ask those accompanying patients to wait outside of the department.

  • Please do not attend your appointment if you have symptoms.
  • Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • Please proceed directly to your appointment on arrival and leave directly afterwards.

Further information regarding your visit and Covid 19 can be found here.

CUH Directions mobile app

The CUH Directions mobile app is for patients and visitors.

It helps you to find your way around Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals, making it easier to locate clinics, wards and other facilities on our campus.

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Non-urgent advice: Cancelling your appointment and 'Did Not Attend' appointment

Should you need to cancel, re-arrange, or no longer require your appointment please contact the clinic listed on your appointment letter as soon as possible so the appointment can be reallocated to another patient.  If you have received an SMS reminder about your appointment you can notify us if you are going to be unable to attend by replying to this message in the majority of cases.

If you miss your appointment, or repeatedly cancel or decline appointments; subject to clinical review/approval, you may be discharged back to the care of your GP.

Planning your journey

Need to plan your journey to our hospitals? Visit our travel and parking pages. Here you will be able to use our helpful journey planner, plus find information about public transport and parking.

Plan my journey

Your first appointment

To book an appointment in our outpatient clinic, you first need to be referred to the hospital by your GP or another healthcare provider. You can find your GP here. (opens in a new tab)

Before your appointment

Before your outpatient appointment there are a few items we suggest you bring with you:

  • Your appointment letter or appointment card
  • Information about you; including your address, your GP’s address and for children, their school address.
  • You will be asked various demographic related questions upon your arrival, it is NHS England requirements that we collect certain data at each appointment and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.
  • You will be asked about your previous medical history, so it's a good idea to make short notes on information you think is helpful before you come to clinic including a list of the medicines and allergy treatments; the names of the medication, what you’re taking it for and how often you take it. This includes anything prescribed by your GP, medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy, herbal and homeopathic remedies. You may also find it useful to make a note of questions you want to ask.
  • A pen and paper - it may be useful for you to make notes about anything the doctor says in the clinic so you can be clear about what has been discussed later.
  • Should you have any specific requirements relating to your appointment and / or accessibility concerns please email CUH accessibility or call us on 01223 256998 (option 1).

Remember to leave plenty of time to travel to the hospital and find your clinic. If you are not sure where to go please ask at the reception desk.

Consider whether you need a chaperone.

Non-urgent advice: Video appointments

Your outpatient appointment may now be done by video consultation using Attend Anywhere. This enables you to be able to attend your appointment from home, saving you time and money.

Find out more about video consultation appointments including a list of clinics providing this service.

When you arrive

What to expect when you come to outpatients


Video transcript: What to expect when you come to outpatients

00:00:14,240 --> 00:00:18,360

Hi, my name is Georgina Meyer and

I am a deputy matron here at Outpatients

00:00:18,360 --> 00:00:22,360

in Addenbrooke's, which is also part

of Cambridge University Hospitals.

00:00:22,840 --> 00:00:24,200

It's natural to have worries

00:00:24,200 --> 00:00:28,680

or concerns about your appointment,

but we don't want Covid-19 to be one of them.

00:00:28,920 --> 00:00:32,720

And we really want to reassure you that

coming in for your outpatient appointment

00:00:32,720 --> 00:00:36,720

will be safe and that you

will receive high quality care.

00:00:36,960 --> 00:00:39,240

So I'm here to explain some of the changes

00:00:39,240 --> 00:00:43,240

we've made to make sure that your

outpatients appointment is safe.

00:00:43,800 --> 00:00:47,120

If we can, we'll care for you

outside of the hospital

00:00:47,120 --> 00:00:51,720

setting by offering alternatives

such as video or telephone consultations.

00:00:51,960 --> 00:00:55,960

But sometimes we may need you to

come and see us. When you do

00:00:56,120 --> 00:00:58,600

our hospital might look slightly different.

00:00:58,600 --> 00:01:00,720

That's because we have put measures in place

00:01:00,720 --> 00:01:04,720

to make sure everyone is safe

whilst Covid-19 is still in circulation.

00:01:05,360 --> 00:01:09,360

If you don't feel comfortable

coming on to site for a face to face appointment,

00:01:09,600 --> 00:01:13,920

please speak of your clinical team and we will

look to organise an appointment remotely

00:01:14,880 --> 00:01:16,440

when you arrive at the hospital.

00:01:16,440 --> 00:01:19,280

You'll be asked to wear a face

mask or face covering,

00:01:19,280 --> 00:01:23,280

decontaminate your hands and keep

a safe distance away from other people.

00:01:24,040 --> 00:01:28,040

For some appointments, our staff might be

wearing more personal protective equipment.

00:01:28,240 --> 00:01:32,280

This might seem really scary, but it is

there in place to keep you safe.

00:01:33,480 --> 00:01:36,320

We've adapted the hospital

so that whilst you are with us,

00:01:36,320 --> 00:01:39,600

you'll be separated from patients

who have Covid-19.

00:01:39,600 --> 00:01:43,600

You may also be asked

to do a Covid-19 swab.

00:01:44,440 --> 00:01:47,000

All of these changes are in place

so we can continue to

00:01:47,000 --> 00:01:50,320

do what we do best,

which is care for you safely.

00:01:51,760 --> 00:01:56,920

If you are attending the Addenbrooke's site, we ask

that you come alone as due to social distancing.

00:01:57,120 --> 00:02:00,240

We cannot accommodate

large numbers in our waiting areas.

00:02:01,520 --> 00:02:04,240

We've also created community imaging hubs.

00:02:04,240 --> 00:02:10,280

This means you may receive your x ray, ultrasound,

MRI, or CT scan elsewhere in the community.

00:02:10,920 --> 00:02:13,120

If you have any concerns about your appointment

00:02:13,120 --> 00:02:17,440

or the steps that we will take to keep

you safe, please do not hesitate to ask.

00:02:17,880 --> 00:02:21,000

You can also look at our website

for further information.

00:02:21,000 --> 00:02:22,400

We look forward to seeing you.

Your appointment letter or appointment card should tell you where to go when you arrive. It will also include details about parking and discounted parking

If not, please call the number on your appointment letter or appointment card. If you misplace your appointment letter or card you can find clinic contact details on our clinic A-Z.

If you need information, a wheelchair or any other help when you arrive, please ask at the outpatient reception desk.

If you have any questions or are unsure about what to do or what is happening, please ask - our staff are there to help you.

Please tell the clinic receptionist if you have any hearing or sight impairment.

If for any reason you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable waiting in the waiting room then please let the receptionists know.

Delays may happen sometimes. For example, when doctors are called away on an emergency, consultations take longer than expected or emergency cases are referred. Please bear with us in these circumstances - we will be working to see you as soon as possible. The clinic staff will keep you informed about what is happening.

At your appointment

When you see the doctor

At your appointment, you may be seen by the consultant in charge of your care, or by another doctor who works on the consultant’s team. If the consultant or doctor decides that you need to be seen again, you will be asked to book a further appointment with the clinic receptionist before you leave.

Patient Initiated Follow-up Appointments

Some clinical services offer patients something called patient initiated follow-up appointments or "PIFU" appointments. These can be used in a number of different scenarios, and can reduce the need for attending appointments. The idea is that you only send an appointment when you feel there is a clinical necessity to do so. If you would like to know further details or would like to see if you are eligible for such an appointment, please speak to your clinician.

Ask us questions

We want you to be involved in your healthcare and play an active part in decision making. We will always make time to listen, so please speak up if you have any queries or concerns.

How to identify our staff

All staff in our hospitals wear identity badges, which should be visible at all times. Ask any member of staff to show you their badge, and they’ll be happy to do so. Staff such as nurses, healthcare support workers and domestics all wear uniforms. Doctors and consultants don’t have uniforms, but may wear a white coat.

Clinic appointments

The majority of outpatient appointments are held during normal working hours.

There are some clinics where appointments are arranged for weekends or early evening to accommodate particular individuals/family commitments.  In these cases you can expect to have the same access to chaperoning as during usual clinic times. 

Important information about your imaging appointment

So that we’re able to see patients who are waiting for imaging appointments as quickly as possible we are providing some of these services off site.

Read our update on imaging appointments

Concerns, comments and complaints

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or the service you receive in your outpatient clinic, please speak to a member of clinic staff as soon as possible.

If you are still not satisfied, please contact PALS (Patient Liaison and Advice Service) situated in the information centre in the hospital's main reception.


If you have visited outpatients recently, either as a patient, friend, relative or carer, please take the time to complete our friends and family survey. This will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Complete our outpatients - friends and family survey (opens in a new tab).