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Visiting a patient

Given the rising rates of Covid-19 in our area, we have made the very difficult decision to stop visiting to our inpatient wards. Our sole focus in taking this decision is the safety of our patients, their families and our staff.

Exceptions will apply for those who have a formal caring responsibility, maternity and paediatric services, and for those patients who are receiving end of life care. Further details are provided below.

Our Letters from Loved Ones service will continue to operate, as will virtual visits.

If you are attending our hospitals for an outpatient appointment please attend alone.

A patient is in bed with a monitor strapped to his arm, a nurse is by his bedside holding his hand.

Inpatient ward visits

Non-Covid inpatient wards

Visiting is not permitted on our adult inpatient wards.

If you have a loved one in one of our hospitals, you can stay in touch with them through their own electronic device or use our Letters from Loved Ones service.

We also offer virtual visiting and each of our adult wards has an iPad to help this. To arrange a virtual visit, please call the ward where your loved one is staying to find out which slots are available.

For our Letters from Loved Ones service, you are able to bring items to the hospital on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 09:00 and 16:00 only. We are unable to accept food which perishes quickly, as there may be a delay of several hours before the items can be delivered. We understand that personal possessions and treats are important for patients’ wellbeing, but please be considerate and limit items to those which are most important to the patient.

Covid wards

Visiting is still not allowed on wards where we are treating patients with Covid. This is to minimise the risk of transmission and to protect our patients, visitors and staff.

Intensive Care Unit (D3 ICU), Intermediate Dependency Area (IDA D4) and Neurosciences Critical Care Unit (NCCU A2 and A3):

We have made the very difficult decision to stop visiting to our critical care units. Our sole focus in taking this decision is the safety of our patients, their families and our staff.

End of life care

Special arrangements are in place to try to accommodate the family and friends of patients receiving end-of-life care, allowing them to spend meaningful time with their loved ones in their final days and weeks. However, this is undertaken on a case-by-case basis to protect our other patients, relatives and staff from Covid-19, and prevent the risk of ward closures that would severely impact the rest of the hospital.

Where it is assessed by the clinical team to be safe, we will be as flexible as possible, but this is dependent on individual ward circumstances and those of each individual patient, and may be subject to change. It is important that visitors do not turn-up at the hospital without a prior arrangement in place.

Please bear with us and:

  • use virtual visiting when you are able
  • be as flexible as you can when we ask – we will only ask if we need to

Maternity services

For maternity services coronavirus related information, including visiting restrictions please read the Rosie Hospital coronavirus update.

The Rosie Hospital has reviewed it’s staged visiting policy in light of recent emerging evidence on Covid-19 transmission. We have introduced a new stage of visiting which reduces footfall within the hospital whilst retaining support person attendance during essential support components of care. Where possible your named support person or birthing partner should be from the same household / bubble. We would like to emphasise the importance of reducing social contact and where possible isolating ahead of planned appointments and birth.

Emergency department / A&E

Patients attending our Emergency Department are expected to attend alone, unless there are exceptional circumstances (for example a child or an individual who needs a carer).

Children’s services

One parent will be allowed to remain with a child (under 18) as a resident.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Both parents are able to remain with a child (under 18).

CUH patients based at Nuffield Hospital

Nuffield Hospital operates one person visiting, per patient, per day, and this visiting is open. The patient receives details of visiting and shares this with their visitors.

Specific caring roles

Where carers are needed to ensure the safe care of a patient on the ward (such as patients who have dementia, delirium or learning disabilities), the decision to admit one carer will be authorised by the nurse in charge/ward leader. A local agreement will be reached on the length of time that carers will stay and support the patient. Anyone who falls into this category must wear their carer’s passport (ID badge) which is available on the wards.  

Visitor accommodation

We know it can be a stressful time for families who need to visit their loved ones when they are staying in our hospitals.

Short term and overnight accommodation is available on the campus for our visitors. This is a cheaper, more convenient alternative to searching for hotels nearby.

Further information

We encourage essential visits to our hospitals only. If you need to be on our site for an extended period of time (for example diagnostic tests and subsequent outpatient clinics, or for parents attending NICU/PICU), please bring some refreshments with you to avoid visiting other areas of the hospitals. Our food court is currently closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Once your visit has finished, you must leave our site immediately to avoid any unnecessary risk of transmitting coronavirus.

Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.