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Our structure

We are a Foundation Trust and our decisions are made by the board of directors and overseen by our council of governors.

As a foundation trust, we are:

- Led by our board of directors and a team of operational managers

- Owned by our members, represented by the council of governors

Board of directors

The hospital management is led by the board of directors. They are responsible for all operational and strategic issues, business and finance. Board meetings are held in public six times a year.

The leadership of each of our five clinical divisions report to the board. They are responsible for the operational management within their areas.


The council of governors represent our 19,500 strong Trust membership of patients, public and staff.

The majority of the governors are elected by the membership. Our governors provide a direct link to our local community and represent the interests of members and the wider public in the stewardship and development of the Trust.

Clinical divisional structure

The clinical services at our hospitals are grouped into five divisions:

Division A: musculoskeletal diseases, digestive diseases and perioperative care (adult critical care, theatres and anaesthisia)
Division B: cancer, labs and imaging, as well as clinical support including outpatients, pharmacy, therapies and dietetics, medical physics and clinical engineering
Division C: acute medicine, inflammation / infection, transplant, the emergency department (ED) and medicine for the elderly
Division D: neuroscience, ENT (ear, nose and throat), head and neck / plastic surgery and cardiovascular-metabolic medicine
Division E: Women and children's services

Each division is headed by a divisional director:

Division A:  James Wheeler
Division B:  Hugo Ford
Division C:  Stephen Wallis
Division D:  Sarah Benyon
Division E:  Kanwal Moar

Each divisional director is supported by a deputy divisional director responsible for research governance and research strategy, with a senior team comprising an associate director of operations, clinical directors, divisional nurse  who are supported by a divisional finance manager and OD manager.

Other departments

Whether our staff are on the front-line or behind-the-scenes, they all play an essential role in our patients' journeys.

Read about the many different departments that keep our hospitals running.