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Emergency department

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Accident and emergency sign outside hospital

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the treatment of serious and potentially life threatening conditions.

If it is not a life-threatening emergency and you don’t need immediate medical attention, please consider other options before dialling 999 or coming to the emergency department.

Choosing the most appropriate place for care allows our ambulance and emergency department staff to concentrate on people whose lives are at risk, and can potentially save you a long wait.

If you think you may need to go to the emergency department but you’re not sure, you can call 111 for advice.

On arrival

When you arrive at the emergency department as a patient, after registration, you will be assessed by a nurse who will determine the nature of your illness or injury and how urgent it is for you to be seen. At this assessment. You will then be seen by one of the specialist areas of our emergency department according to the nature of your injury/illness.