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Emergency department - Patient information

An A-Z list of emergency department patient information leaflets is now available online.

Share with a patient

Ask patients and service users to scan this QR code for access to patient information on their own device.

QR Code - Emergency department patient information


This information can be printed from the website via your browser.  Leaflets can also be printed by us on request.

Viewing content in another language

You can view the information in a number of different languages by using our 'accessibility tool' that can be accessed by link at the top of our website or within the menu on smartphone devices.

Select the tool to launch it, then choose the icon with national flags and pick the language you need. Over 30 of the languages can be provided using our text to speech software and the content can be translated as text in over 100 languages.


The translation and text-to-speech features on this website are automated. There may be inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the translations. If in doubt, please refer to the English version of the website. You may also contact us with feedback.

For more information visit our website accessibility page.


To improve the accessibility of our content we have published our patient information leaflets as web pages. Our accessibility toolbar that is featured at the top of our website can also be used to provide additional tools to improve your experience.

Choose from a range of tools such as text to speech, increased font size and alternative colour contrasts. For more information about the features available visit the ReciteMe website (opens in a new tab).