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A very warm welcome to the Rosie. Our aim is to provide woman centred care and to support you to have as normal a pregnancy and childbirth experience as possible. We seek to achieve this by involving you in all aspects of your care to enable you to establish a meaningful and supportive relationship with your maternity care providers and to feel confident in the care you receive.

Notification of pregnancy

To be completed by midwife/GP. You can also use this if you are referring external for maternal medicine or complex pregnancies.

Pregnancy and self-referral

What to do next if you have a positive pregnancy test or have recently moved to the area

Going home

Depending on the type of birth you have and if both you and your baby are well, you can go home between 2 and 24 hours after the birth.

Labour and birth

Whatever you want to know about getting pregnant, being pregnant or caring for your new baby, including our induction of labour workshop.

After birth

Providing advice and support for infant breast feeding, keeping your baby warm and other postnatal topics.

Place of birth options

The Rosie offers three locations for labour and birth – home, Rosie birth centre (RBC) or delivery unit.

Antenatal education

For women who would like to know more about pain relief for labour and in particular about the risks and benefits of epidural analgesia.

Maternal wellbeing and mental health

Information and resources on mental health and wellbeing during and after pregnancy.

Community maternity care

Our dedicated and committed Community Midwives (CMW) and Maternity Support Workers (MSW) work within our local communities offering a range of services from both hospital and community settings.

Support groups

Find out about a range of groups that are available to support you during and after your pregnancy journey.


If you are pregnant in England you will be offered 2 ultrasound scans: An ultrasound scan at around 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy and one at around 18-21 weeks.