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After birth

Postnatal discharge information for patients


Healthy mums and babies do best in the home environment. Therefore, if you and your baby are well, we encourage early transfer to the care of your family and community midwife. 

If you have had a normal delivery on the Rosie birth centre or delivery unit you can usually go home as soon as two hours after the birth.

If you have had an epidural or instrumental delivery a short stay on Lady Mary ward is usual.

If you have had a caesarean section (elective or emergency) you will stay in the recovery area within the delivery unit for a minimum of two hours before being transferred to Lady Mary ward. If you recover well, you may be transferred to the care of your community midwife at home after 24 hours.

Longer stays might be necessary depending on individual circumstances.

For feeding support please email us


Babies cry, this is normal, but is can be upsetting and frustrating.  For more information please see ICON parents advice (opens in a new tab)

The NHS Your pregnancy and baby guide has a range of information to support you and your newborn.

View the NHS Your pregnancy and baby guide - Newborn (opens in a new tab)