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Vision and values

Our vision is a healthier life for everyone through care, learning and research.

Our values

The Together - Safe, Kind, Excellent logo stack
Our values: Together - Safe | Kind | Excellent

We’re constantly improving the quality, safety and experience of care for our patients and our values TogetherSafe | Kind | Excellent – define the way we work and behave.


We’re dedicated to the health and happiness of every person in our community. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards of safety in our environments and practices. We want everyone in our care – our colleagues, patients and visitors – to feel secure, valued and heard. We welcome everyone, whatever their background or beliefs.


We care about the needs of our patients and each other, and we’re humble in our expertise. We talk to our colleagues, partners and patients as equals. Everything we do, we do together. We practise kindness in our everyday actions – speaking, listening and behaving with warmth, empathy and consideration. We understand the challenges faced by the people in our care and do everything in our power to improve their experience.


We’re proud of our groundbreaking research and bold in our ambitions. Our knowledge is always evolving and we use our unique insights to constantly improve our patient care. But excellence doesn’t have to mean uptight. We’re approachable and clear, never lofty or obscure. We take risks and we persevere with the hard work; every challenge is an opportunity to learn. Science is a vital part of everyday life and we want everyone to share our passion and curiosity.

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Our Strategy

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