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Maps and directions

Find maps and written instructions to help you find your way around the Rosie.

The main entrance to the Rosie is accessed from Robinson Way. The Rosie is also linked to the main Addenbrooke’s hospital via a ramp which leads directly up to Level 2.

Departments are clearly signposted but if you are unsure where to go, the receptionist will be able to help you.


The reception desk is on Level 1. If nobody is at the reception desk follow the blue signs.

The Rosie reception is staffed between 08.00 and 17.00, Monday to Friday.

Parent education classes (for the Rose team only), physiotherapy clinics for SPD and VBAC, breastfeeding classes and the Rosie twins evening can all be booked via reception.

Rosie hospital level 1 map
Rosie Hospital - Level one
Rosie hospital level 2 map
Rosie Hospital - Level two
Rosie Hospital level 3 map
Rosie Hospital - Level three

Directions to wards and clinics

Please visit our A to Z lists to find our how to get to a ward or clinic.