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Urgent advice: Covid-19 - Important Operational Changes to Cancer Services

We want you to know that transmission of COVID at CUH is very low, and both patients and staff are being routinely tested for the virus. You are encouraged to come in for your scheduled appointment and not delay further. If you have concerns about COVID risks, please contact your treating team. 

Visit our Cancer services Covid-19 information page for more details.

Non-urgent advice: Addenbrooke’s Cancer Patient Partnership Group

The Addenbrooke's Cancer Patient Partnership Group (CPPG) is a group of patients and carers who work with hospital staff to improve cancer services by sharing the patients’ views and raising concerns on their behalf.

You can read more here.

What we do

We see more than 5,000 new patients each year as a regional centre for rarer types of cancer and also as the local hospital for patients living in the Cambridge area.

We’re responsible for adult cancer services. Treatment for children is managed by another department in the hospital. You’ll find links to our wards and clinics for children and young people under Where we are.

Cancer services comprise five areas: 


Treats cancers of the solid organs with chemotherapy, either intravenously or orally.


Treats cancers of the blood as well as non-cancerous blood disorders with a combination of oral chemotherapy and blood products.


Uses high energy radiation to treat a variety of cancers

Palliative care

Offers specialist advice and support both on symptom and total care of patients with life-limiting illness

Cancer support services

A multi-disciplinary team provides advice and support on different cancers, financial support, emotional issues and a wide range of other issues, as well as providing individualised support to fully address each patient's concerns. 

Your treatment

We are ideally positioned to provide innovative and standard treatments. Our multidisciplinary approach means that your team will be able to provide all elements of your care to the highest possible standard. Most cancer patients receive their treatment as outpatients. You will only be admitted to hospital if the nature of your cancer or your treatment makes it impossible for you to remain at home. Within cancer services we offer the following treatments:

We often use a combination of different treatments to achieve the best possible outcome. Cancer treatment also often involves surgery. In this case we cooperate closely with our surgical colleagues to ensure that all elements of your treatment are properly planned, coordinated and delivered.

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