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The Cambridge Biomedical Campus is one of the largest biomedical campuses in Europe and we are a leading national centre for specialist treatments. We are only one of six academic health science centres in the UK.

Here at Cambridge University Hospitals we support world-leading experimental and translational medicine. We are happy to hear from potential researchers who would like to collaborate with us and use our facilities, whether you are from another NHS Trust, a university or pharmaceutical company.

Not sure whom to contact? Email us with your enquiry and we'll get back to you.

Professor John Bradley
Research and Development Director
Email Prof. John Bradley
01223 348490

Stephen Kelleher
Research and Development Manager
Email Stephen Kelleher
01223 348490

Tracy Assari PhD
Research Governance Lead
Email Tracy Assari
01223 216976

Lauren Basham
Research and Development Administration Manager
Email Lauren Basham
01223 348490

Carla Flores
Research and Development Administrator
Email Carla Flores
01223 596395

Chris Sparke
NIHR Portfolio Support Manager
Email Chris Sparke
01223 596458

Tracy Cripps
Research Governance Manager / Senior Research and Development Project Lead (secondment)
Email Tracey Cripps
01223 254835

Aslihan Yener
LPMS Manager
Email Aslihan Yener
01223 596395

David Cope
LPMS Manager
Email David Cope
01223 254829

Legal team

Mary Kasanicki PhD
Research and Development Solicitor Consultant
Email Mary Kasanicki
01223 256481

Sam Barker
Research and Development Solicitor Consultant
Email Samantha Barker
01223 349236

Tracey Hensman
Research and Development Solicitor Consultant
Email Tracey Hensman
01223 349236

Kate Jones
Research and Development Solicitor Consultant
Email Kate Jones
01223 254411

Richard Partridge-Hicks
Research and Development Contracts Manager
Email Richard Partridge-Hicks
01223 349 234

Dafne Chirivino
Senior BRC Intellectual Property Associate
Email Dafne Chirivino
01223 763719

Information Management team

Sue Bateman (ML)
Research and Development Information Manager
Email Susan Bateman
01223 348449

Ian Jezzard
Research and Development Information Manager
Email Ian Jezzard
01223 348449

Adam Loveday
Research Governance Clinical Informatics Lead
Adam Loveday
01223 348455

Isra Maygi
Research Governance Informatics Co-ordinator
Email Isra Maygi

Governance team

Magda Gerigk
Research Governance Coordinator (Division A)
Email Magda Gerigk
01223 349321

Kamila Walker
Research Governance Assistant (Division C)
Email Kamila Walker
01223 348492

Jacob Wingfield
Research Governance Coordinator (Division D)
Email Jacob Wingfield
01223 256620

Rachel Kyd PhD
Research Governance Coordinator (Joint Division D / CPFT)
Email Rachel Kyd
01223 596472

Joseph Biggins
Research and Development Oncology Lead (Division B)
Email Joseph Biggins
01223 348005

Scott Cheetham
Research Governance Coordinator (Division B)
Email Scott Cheetham
01223 256805

Courtney Lewis
Research Governance Coordinator (Division B)
Email Courtney Lewis

Jonathan Alvarez Olieff
Research Governance Coordinator (Division E)
Email Jonathan Alvarez Olieff

Stefano Licchelli
Research Governance Assistant (Divisions C and E)
Email Stefano Licchelli

Fatemeh Alemi
Research Governance Assistant (Divisions A and D)
Email Fatemeh Alemi

Isatou Jallow
Research Governance Assistant
Email Isatou Jallow

Lucy Bennett
Research Governance Coordinator (Division C)
Email Lucy Bennett
01223 348468


Iliana Rokkou
User and Carer Research and Development Manager CPFT
Email Iliana Rokkou
01223 465182

Jonathan Lewis
Database Manager CPFT
Email Jonathan Lewis
01223 348491

Mary-Beth Sherwood
Research Governance Coordinator CPFT
Email Mary-Beth Sherwood
01223 256407

Olu Ejuoneatse
CPFT Administration Lead
Email Olu Ejuoneatse

Lucy Smith
Administrator CPFT
Email Lucy Smith
01223 348438

Finance team

Kathy Baysdon
Research and Development Head of Finance
Email Kathryn Baysdon
01223 254211

Mark Goulding
Deputy Head of Finance
Email Mark Goulding

CUHP, CRF, RCF Research Grants Divisions C and D:

Gemma Turner
Senior Management Accountant
Email Gemma Turner

Oscar Hodges
Assistant Management Accountant
Email Oscar Hodges

Billy (Vasileios) Melios
Assistant Management Accountant
Email Vasileios Melios

BRC, PGME, Research Grants Divisions A and E:

Maramae Cowley
Senior Management Accountant
Email Maramae Cowley

Mihaela Ghita
Management Accountant
Email Mihaela Ghita

Sabu Varghese
Assistant Management Accountant
Email Sabu Varghese

Robert Mills
Assistant Management Accountant
Email Robert Mills

CRN, CCTC, Research Grants Divisions B:

Kirsty Sebastiani
Senior Management Accountant
Email Kirsty Sebastiani

Helen Thorne
Assistant Management Accountant
Email Helen Thorne

HR team

Nacha Samaila
Research and Development HR Manager
Email Nacha Samaila
01223 274660

Charlotte Wain
Research and Development HR Advisor
Email Charlotte Wain
01223 348496

Catherine Martin
Research and Development HR Research Passport Administrator
Email Catherine Martin
01223 254210

Cassandra Loe (ML)
HR Research Passport Administrator
Email Cassandra Loe
01223 348455

Barbara Brown
HR Research Passport Administrator
Email Barbara Brown
01223 348455

NIHR Cambridge BRC PPI and Communications team

Amanda Stranks
PPI / Comms Strategy Lead
Email Amanda Stranks
01223 348980

Gail Holloway
PPI/E Coordinator
Email Gail Holloway
01223 254620

Georgina Norris
PPI/E Coordinator
Email Georgina Norris
01223 254608

Vivienne Northrop
Communications Manager
Email Vivienne Northrop
01223 254619

Nicola West
Communications Manager
Email Nicola West
01223 254901