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Notification of pregnancy

To book your pregnancy at the Rosie, your midwife / GP will need to complete the notification of pregnancy form below if you are referring from another hospital for maternal medicine or complex pregnancies.

If you are wishing to book your pregnancy at the Rosie, it is important that a notification of pregnancy form is completed by your GP or midwife as early as possible. This will ensure that we complete the booking and take all screening bloods within the relevant timeframes.

Please note we recommend that you have all bloods done at the Rosie rather than your GP surgery, please let us know if this isn't possible.

If you would like to transfer your care from your local hospital to the Rosie Hospital this must be requested by your current care provider before 33 weeks of pregnancy for singleton babies and before 28 weeks for twins and multiple births. This is because of the time needed to process appointments, blood tests and relevant documentation that is important for the safety of your pregnancy before your baby is born. The exceptions to this include if you are referred by another hospital to receive specialist care or if you have moved house into the Rosie community midwifery catchment area - which is based on the GP surgery you are registered at. Please email the antenatal clinic if you would like to discuss a late transfer of care which falls outside of these exceptions, and these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Information about which GP surgeries fall within our community midwifery catchment area is available on the community maternity care page.

The recommended place for you to have your baby is ideally the trust providing your antenatal care, so that care can be streamlined and joined up with one service provider. We appreciate this isn’t always possible, however, it is our duty to highlight that blood results, scans, reviews and appointments may be disjointed if care is provided by multiple hospitals.

Midwife / GP: Please fully complete and return to the Rosie hospital.

Please note that are all fields on the form are mandatory and need to be completed in the interests of patient safety.

On completion

Please email this form to Rosie ultrasound or fax to 01223 217622.

For advice / urgent referrals phone 01223 217657.