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Pregnancy and self-referral

What to do next if you have a positive pregnancy test or have recently moved to the area

If you are registered at one of the below GP practices you can self-refer to the Rosie Hospital for all your care by downloading and completing the following form.

Please complete all pages of the form and email it as an attachment to:

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you enter the correct email address before you send your personal information. Please also refer to the Trust data and privacy page.

If you are not able to complete the form, access email or require a translator then please phone 01223 348981 and leave a voicemail with your full name, date of birth, and contact phone number. Please state your preferred language if you are non-English speaking. One of our administration team members will call you back within 3 working days to complete the form with you and arrange your antenatal care.

If you wish to have your care at the Rosie hospital but are not registered with any of the GP practices listed then please contact your GP practice to ask for your local community midwifery team contact information. They will then book your pregnancy and will provide the majority of your antenatal care. You can ask your community midwife to advise the Rosie that you wish to birth at the Rosie Hospital and they will send a ‘notification of pregnancy’ form.

GP practices
  • Arbury Road Surgery
  • Ashwell Surgery
  • Bottisham Medical Practice
  • Bourn Surgery
  • Bridge Street Medical Centre
  • Burwell Surgery
  • Cambridge Access Surgery
  • Cathedral Medical Centre (Fisher's Lane)
  • Cherry Hinton Branch Surgery (High Street)
  • Cherry Hinton Medical Centre
  • Comberton Surgery
  • Cornford House Surgery
  • Cottenham Surgery
  • East Barnwell Health Centre
  • Firs House Surgery (Histon and Telegraph Street, Cottenham)
  • Fulbourn Health Centre
  • Gamlingay Greensands Medical Practice
  • Granta Medical Practices state (if you pay council tax to Cambridgeshire council, usually Sawston, Linton and Shelford)
  • Haddenham Surgery
  • Harston Surgery
  • Huntingdon Road Surgery
  • Lensfield Medical Practice
  • Linton Health Centre
  • Maple Surgery Bar Hill Health Centre
  • Mill Road Surgery
  • Milton Surgery
  • Newnham Walk Surgery
  • Nuffield Road Medical Centre
  • Oakfield Surgery (Newmarket)
  • Orchard House Surgery (Newmarket)
  • Orchard Surgery (Melbourn)
  • Over Surgery
  • Petersfield Medical Practice
  • Priors Field Surgery (Sutton)
  • Queen Edith Medical Practice
  • Red House Surgery
  • Rookery Medical Centre (Newmarket)
  • Roysia Surgery, Royston
  • St Mary's Surgery (Ely)
  • St George's Medical Centre (Littleport)
  • Staploe Medical Centre
  • Swavesey Surgery
  • The Rookery Medical Centre
  • Trumpington Street Medical Practice
  • Waterbeach Surgery
  • Willingham Medical Practice
  • Woodlands Surgery
  • York Street Medical Practice

Important information

Please note that phone calls made from the hospital will show as a private or withheld number. Please make sure your phone is not blocked to withheld numbers and that your voicemail is set up so that a message can be left if there is no answer.

Non-urgent advice: When to call

For information about when and who to call in a emergency, urgent or non-urgent situation.

If you are unsure of whether you wish to proceed with your pregnancy, the hospital also offers a pregnancy advisory service where you can receive counselling on your options. Please visit the pregnancy advisory service webpage for more information.

Rosie midwives

Rosie midwives work in teams across parts of rural Cambridgeshire as well as Cambridge City. You will see them throughout your pregnancy and after you give birth. Appointments may be held in GP surgeries, in children’s centres and in hospital-based clinics. Midwives may also visit you in your own home, especially after you have had your baby. If you live outside of our catchment area and want to have your baby at the Rosie Hospital, you will be asked to come to the hospital to see a midwife here, but will also receive community-based care from midwives attached to your local hospital.

Ideally, we would like to see you for your booking appointment by 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Transfer of care to the Rosie hospital

If you would like to transfer your care from your local hospital to the Rosie Hospital this must be requested by your current care provider before 33 weeks of pregnancy for singleton babies and before 28 weeks for twins and multiple births. This is because of the time needed to process appointments, blood tests and relevant documentation that is important for the safety of your pregnancy before your baby is born. The exceptions to this include if you are referred by another hospital to receive specialist care or if you have moved house into the Rosie community midwifery catchment area - which is based on the GP surgery you are registered at.

Please email the antenatal clinic if you would like to discuss a late transfer of care which falls outside of these exceptions, and these will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Information about which GP surgeries fall within our community midwifery catchment area is available on the community maternity care page. Referral forms and further information are available on the notification of pregnancy page.

The recommended place for you to have your baby is ideally the trust providing your antenatal care, so that care can be streamlined and joined up with one service provider. We appreciate this isn’t always possible, however, it is our duty to highlight that blood results, scans, reviews and appointments may be disjointed if care is provided by multiple hospitals.

NHS antenatal and newborn screening

Screening tests for you and your baby.

Visit GOV.UK for more information (opens in a new tab)

Read the Screening tests for you and your baby leaflet (opens in a new tab) before your midwife booking appointment to find out much more about the screening tests offered during and after pregnancy. This information is also available in other languages (opens in a new tab) and easy guides (opens in a new tab).

You may be seen throughout your pregnancy only by midwives, this is called Midwifery-Led Care. However, if you have a need for additional care you may be referred for Consultant Led Care and have additional appointments at the Rosie Hospital. These appointments are usually held in Clinic 21 (Level One) or Clinic 22 (Level Two). Specialist clinics include haematology, cardiology, hypertension, wellbeing (perinatal mental health), Rainbow (after late pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal death), multiple pregnancy (twins or more), diabetes and risk of preterm birth. Clinics are also run by the women’s health physiotherapists and by obstetric anaesthetists.

The NHS pregnancy and baby guide (opens in a new tab) is a comprehensive source on all stages of pregnancy and what you can expect from NHS services. It will tell you how to work out your due date, gives a week by week guide and information on the early days, pregnancy (antenatal care), health and wellbeing, tests scans and checks, vaccinations, twins, common pregnancy ailments, pregnancy-induced conditions, existing health problems and preparing for the birth.

Birthing locations

The Rosie offers three locations for labour and birth – home, Rosie birth centre (RBC) or delivery unit.

If you have no health or pregnancy complications, the usual place to birth your baby is the Rosie birth centre or at home.

If you chose to have your baby at home, your birth will be supported by midwives who take the lead in care for low risk pregnancy and childbirth.

If you chose to have your baby in the birth centre you will be supported at the birth by midwives who take the lead in the care of low risk births. Each room in the birth centre is designed to offer a calm environment and has its own pool and en suite facilities. It is anticipated that you will return home soon after the birth.

If you have any medical conditions or pregnancy complications that would indicate the need for obstetric led care, then the safest place for you to have your baby is on the delivery unit, where your birth will be supported by a maternity team which will include midwives and doctors. The delivery unit also has rooms with en suite facilities and there is a pool room.

Talk to your midwife about any risk factors in your pregnancy and the most appropriate option for you.

Rosie birth choices clinic

If you are considering care which is outside of recommended guidance, or if you have risk factors in your pregnancy and want to know your full range of options, the birth choices clinic may be able to help you make a birth plan.

Contact the midwifery manager

If you feel you need to speak to senior midwife you can contact the midwifery manager of the day via Addenbrooke's switchboard on 01223 245151 / 01223 805000 and ask them to bleep 1560984.

This number will be answered anytime of the day or night, but please bear in mind that the midwife carrying the bleep may also be caring for patients and being called to attend emergencies, so they may only be able to take your details and then get an appropriate person to call you back.

The consultant midwife can also be reached via Addenbrooke's switchboard during normal working hours on 01223 245151 / 01223 805000 and ask them to bleep 157181.

Early pregnancy assessment unit

If you are less than 13 weeks pregnant and have not yet had a dating scan please call us on 01223 217636 (08:00 - 20:00 Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays)

Other useful numbers