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When to call

Urgent advice: Call us if you are worried about your baby

From the point of a positive pregnancy test until you have your dating scan (around 12 - 13 weeks), call the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit on 01223 217636 (phone line open 24 hours).

If you have had your dating scan

Call the Rosie assessment line 01223 217217 if:

  • you think your waters have broken
  • you have experienced blood loss
  • you have any concerns about the movements of your baby or your baby is not moving normally
  • you have any other urgent concerns

Staff will be able to help you decide whether you can stay at home or need to be reviewed in hospital.

Signs of labour - when to call us

If your pregnancy has been uncomplicated and you are having a hospital birth please call the Rosie birth centre on 01223 217003.

It is advisable that you stay at home for as long as possible during the early stages of labour, as long as your baby is moving and you are coping with the contractions. Evidence suggests that your home environment will encourage you to remain relaxed and therefore more able to cope with the pain.

Remember to continue to eat and drink during this time. If you have risk factors that mean you have been recommended to birth on the delivery unit or have planned to birth on the delivery unit please call the maternity assessment unit on 01223 217217.

When you have gone home

For information about who to call in an emergency, urgent or non-urgent situation please view the going home section.

Non-urgent queries

If you have a non-urgent question for your community midwife you can leave a message on the team answerphone and someone will return your call the next day (or after 8am if you leave a message early in the morning). Please make sure to leave a contact number when you leave a message.

Please do not leave urgent messages on the answer phone.

If you wish to speak to a Senior Midwife about your care and you are currently an inpatient, please ask to speak to the midwife in charge of the ward.

If you are not an inpatient, and your query is not clinically urgent, but you would like to speak to a Senior Midwife please call switchboard on 01223 245151 / 01223 805000 and ask to be put in touch with the Maternity Bleep Holder.  Please understand that this midwife is carrying the emergency bleep, so they may only be able to take your contact details and get the appropriate person to call you back.

Community care contact details

You can find the contact details of your community care team on the GP surgery teams and contact information page.

Other useful numbers

  • Rosie hospital main reception: 01223 217617
  • Ultrasound scan department: 01223 217621
  • Antenatal clinic: 01223 217664
  • Delivery unit: 01223 217217
  • Rosie Birth Centre: 01223 217003