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Maternity Care during COVID-19

Coronavirus related information, including cancellation information, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, information videos and other information related to services provided by us.

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Urgent advice: Wednesday 15th December – We remain in Stage 2.5 visiting restrictions

The Rosie hospital has reviewed it’s staged approach to visiting and remains in Stage 2.5 of visiting. Stage 2.5 supports reinstatement of one named partner attendance at all elements of care across the pregnancy journey, in line with national recommendations, including attendance during antenatal and postnatal appointments and inpatient admissions.

We continue to take the safety of women and birthing people, their families, staff and the public very seriously.

We request that all pregnant women and birthing people and their named partner of choice complete a lateral flow test in the 24 hours prior to any planned appointment, assessment or admission. We also request that, where possible, you complete a lateral flow test prior to attending the Rosie for any unplanned assessment or admission. If you are the named birth partner please complete a lateral flow test before attending the Rosie for any visiting. Lateral flow tests can be ordered from the website.

We understand how difficult the restrictions made in light of covid-19 that prevent users being joined by a partner or family member for appointments or inpatient care has and can be. We absolutely know how important these accompanied visits are. As a maternity service we want to be transparent about our plans to reinstate visiting for women and birthing people and are pleased to be able to provide information on our staged plans. We have systematically measured clinical areas and installed screens, established one way systems, and created new building infrastructure to enable us to meet strict Government guidelines on social distancing.

We have created a clear staged approach to reinstatement of visiting below, and the current stage of reinstatement will be published on the homepage of The Rosie website following careful risk assessment, including national policy recommendations and local and national COVID-19 trends. Any changes made to the stages will be published here. This approach means access as a minimum will always be maintained for one named birthing partner during labour and birth, and a partner of choice attending appointments in the Rosie Rainbow Clinic and first fetal medicine appointments. Access will also always be maintained at all times for women with specific needs who require an essential person to accompany them to support these needs for example, a carer or interpreter. Such individuals are permitted to attend in addition to the visitors outlined in the staged approach to visiting reinstatement.

Please note that women and birthing people who are attending for an emergency related admission who should not be left alone may be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Non-urgent advice: Current stage of visiting: Stage 2.5

Stage 2.5 means:

The Rosie Birth Centre and Delivery Unit

One named partner may attend from the point of admission or transfer to the RBC or the Delivery Unit (including theatres) for any admission reason.


One named partner may be present throughout the time you are being attended by your midwife. No other adult should be in any rooms used for labouring and birthing. If there are children in the household then it is the responsibility of the birth partner to care for them, or alternate arrangements should be made.

Antenatal and Postnatal Inpatient Settings (Sara Ward, Lady Mary Ward and The Obstetric Close Observation Unit)

One named partner will be able to attend from the point of admission or transfer to the ward and remain with the woman or birthing person / visit for the duration of their admission.

The named partner:

  • Should undertake twice weekly lateral flow testing and register the result on the NHS track and trace app: Lateral flow tests can be ordered at
  • Should not have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone with confirmed Covid-19 in the previous 14 days.
  • Maintain maximum distance from staff within the bay.
  • Must keep their mask on
  • Should remain at the bedside for the duration of the stay
  • Should draw curtains as a protective measure between themselves and other patients / visitors
  • May be requested to leave the bed space if a situation arises or a procedure is being undertaken that would mean social distancing could not be maintained.
  • Must minimise travel around the ward and hospital and minimise trips to and from the hospital
  • Wherever possible bring refreshments with them for their stay

Women and birthing people attending for elective caesarean section may be accompanied by their named partner in the waiting room.

Ultrasound Department

A named partner may attend with a woman or birthing person for their ultrasound appointments across the maternity service. Support persons are asked to wait in the designated waiting area until the appointment commences in order to ensure appropriate social distancing can be maintained in the waiting room. Following the scan if no immediate counselling is required the partner of choice should exit the Rosie building whilst any additional care is provided.

Antenatal appointments and assessments in the Rosie Hospital

A named partner may attend with a woman or birthing person for any pregnancy related appointments across the maternity service. There is limited space in the waiting areas, so please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the planned appointment time.  Once the appointment/assessment is completed the partner may be requested to exit the Rosie while additional care, such as blood tests, are provided.

Community Services Appointments

A named partner may attend with a woman or birthing person for any pregnancy related appointments in all Children’s Centre’s in the Cambridge catchment area. This may also extend to named partner attendance at pregnancy related appointments in some GP surgeries in the Cambridgeshire area, where this can be safely facilitated. There is limited space in the waiting areas, so please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the planned appointment time.