Dr Jane Biddle

Public Governor

Public Governor - Jane Biddle

Jane Biddle was elected as a Public Governor in July 2017. One of her goals is to ensure that Addenbrooke’s continues to be a focus of the community. Jane intends to utilise her professional experience as a medical researcher, patent agent and business women who has served on medical institutes and hospital boards within her role as governor.  Critical appraisal of evidence and communication are two areas Jane is confident she can effect change in, and has previously achieved this professionally as well as through community activities.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Jane has been responsible for organising events at her children’s schools as well as volunteering at their respective parents associations, both as head and as a parent volunteer.

Jane hopes to contribute in addressing challenges Addenbrooke’s may face which in turn would benefit the community, and is keen to be a part of Addenbrooke’s continuation in being a national and international provider of medical services.