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Dr Jo Jones

Associate Professor and honorary consultant neurologist, department of neurology

I am an associate professor at the University of Cambridge and work as an honorary consultant neurologist in the multiple sclerosis clinic at Addenbrooke's hospital.
Dr Jo Jones - she has short hair and wears a black top

My current role

I mainly work as a researcher in the department of clinical neurosciences, where I lead a team that aims to understand how the immune system is regulated and why immune regulation goes wrong in conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

In my clinical role I am one of several consultant neurologists who run the MS service in Addebrooke's. I also run a clinic for adolescents with MS who are transitioning to the adult service.

Previous history

I studied medicine at the University of Bristol and worked around the South West of England before moving to Cambridge (via Oxford) in 2003 to undertake a PhD and to train as a neurologist.

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