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Dr Pamela Ewan

Consultant Allergist and Associate Lecturer

One of the leading allergists in the UK and head of the Allergy Department in Cambridge, a major centre in the specialty. In 1988 she set up the clinical allergy service and the allergy research program at Cambridge University Hospitals.
Pamela Ewan

Pam is experienced in all aspects of clinical allergy. Her special interests are nut allergy, anaphylaxis and venom allergy. She has a large clinical experience in nut allergy built up over 20 years and her research has led to better understanding of this condition and to improvements in patient care. Pam is proud to have received  a national prize in 2014 - the William Frankland Award for clinical excellence.

She has developed an effective collaboration with Dr Andrew Clark, and they most recently developed a programme of desensitisation to treat peanut allergy and this has led to the establishment in 2014 of the Cambridge Peanut Allergy Clinic. In various national roles she worked to highlight the need for allergy care and to improve NHS allergy services, for which she was awarded CBE. She is co-chair and co-founder of the National Allergy Strategy Group and a past President of the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology.