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Svetlana Mellusco


Svetlana Mellusco

My current role

I have been involved with the Chaplaincy from 2009 going through different stages of development and training within pastoral healthcare: from student and volunteer to my current role as a team chaplain.

Previous history

I acquired experience and understanding of chaplaincy in acute and mental health areas (with Addenbrooke’s and Fulbourn Hospitals in Cambridge), experience of pastoral support in hospitals in Greece and Russia (due to previous involvement in research with IOCS and Lausanne University) and prison chaplaincy (through involvement in courses for Eastern European chaplains with St Michael College, Cardiff).

Having a teaching qualification and MA degree in education and PhD in philology, I also studied pastoral theology and obtained an MA with Anglia Ruskin University and IOCS/CTF, Cambridge.

Membership and accreditations

I am an active member of St Ephraim’s Parish in Cambridge (Eastern Orthodox tradition) and I have an active membership with UKBHC.

Personal interests

My interests include teaching, literature, languages and art. I enjoy spending time outside with my family and reading.