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Daniel Abrams

Non-executive Director

Non-executive director - Daniel Abrams

Daniel was first appointed to the Board of Directors in September 2017. In March 2020 he was re-appointed for a further three-year term starting on 1 September 2020 and in March 2023 he was re-appointed for a final three-year term starting on 1 September 2023. Daniel is a non-executive director of Genome Research Ltd (Wellcome Sanger Institute) where he is also the Audit Committee Chair, and a consultant to private equity firm GHO where he is also Audit committee Chair of a portfolio company. Daniel has previously held executive director positions including as Chief Financial Officer at Volex plc, Fiberweb plc, CDT inc and Xenova PLC and senior executive roles at PepsiCo inc and Diageo plc. He is also a former non-executive director of the Biotech Industry Association and Panel member of the FRRP in the FRC. Daniel has an MA (Hons) Law from Cambridge University and is a qualified chartered accountant, FCA, and barrister-at-law.