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Susan Eitutis

Research Audiologist

I am an audiologist working in the Emmeline Centre for hearing implants.
Susan Eitutis

My current role

I work in the Emmeline Centre for hearing implants as a research audiologist.

In my clinical time, I work with cochlear implant recipients. I am also involved in the Hearing Implant Diagnostic and Optimisation (HIDO) clinic, which is a specialty clinic aimed at helping those struggling most with their devices. The HIDO clinic is a joint effort between researchers and clinicians to try and improve patient outcomes.

In my research time, I work primarily with cochlear implant recipients to trial new devices/technologies. I also work with our wider research team from the University of Cambridge, who investigate ways to improve hearing for cochlear implant users.

Previous history

I studied genetics before training as an audiologist at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Before I joined CUH, I worked as a paediatric and adult audiologist in Ontario, Canada.