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Katrina Myers

Locum chaplain

I am currently a locum chaplain at Addenbrooke's and Royal Papworth Hospitals.
Katrina Myers - She has shoulder-length brunette hair, glasses and wears a black top

Previous History

I was involved in youth work for Christian organisations both in the UK and overseas, before gaining a Bsc honours in occupational therapy.

As an occupational therapist I started in mental health at Fulbourn hospital, working across acute and rehabilitation settings. Later working in neuro rehabilitation.

After a bereavement experience I began to rethink my vocation. A meaningful personal encounter of chaplaincy support led to me exploring becoming a chaplain via volunteering here at Addenbrooke's hospital in 2017.

I later became a Chaplain in a residential care setting for the methodist housing association. Providing spiritual and pastoral care to elderly residents here for four years including during the pandemic. During this time I also undertook training with the Church of England to become a licensed lay minister for the diocese of Ely.

Personal interests

In my spare time , I enjoy volunteering for my local park run, playing guitar, singing, walking, spending time with family and friends and my two dogs.