Dr Neil Stutchbury

Patient Governor

Patient Governor - Neil Stutchbury

Neil Stutchbury was elected as a Patient Governor in July 2017.

Neil’s career spanned 25 years in the pharma and biotech sector, mostly supporting drug discovery with IT and informatics. From 2010-2016 he worked for Monitor

(now NHS Improvement), leading the internal knowledge and information management department. He holds a BA and D.Phil in Chemistry. These experiences together with the excellent care he has received as a cancer patient at Addenbrooke’s have motivated him to get more closely involved with healthcare delivery at his local hospital. He brings many years of management experience to the role and hopes to deliver benefit to both patients and the service.

He is keen to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and have a positive experience while in hospital, while ensuring the hospital runs efficiently and effectively. In particular, he is interested in helping patients access high quality information to help them make decisions about their healthcare, for example by helping them access their clinical records electronically and find out about the latest clinical results on new medicines.

Neil is married with two grown-up children. His daughter is a medical doctor in Newcastle and his son is a science teacher medical writer with a PhD in molecular biology. His son has type 1 diabetes and has also benefited from the excellent care provided by staff at Addenbrooke’s hospital. In his spare time, Neil enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, running and playing racquet sports.