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Dr Gill Barnett

Clinical oncology consultant

I am a consultant clinical oncologist specialising in the radiotherapy and systemic therapy of head and neck and thyroid cancers.

My current role

I have wide experience in the management of head and neck, thyroid  and skin cancers. I have active clinical research interests and I am the local Principal Investigator for national clinical trials. 

My research aim is to individualise RT prescriptions, increasing dose in tolerant patients and modifying dose in sensitive patients. My work focuses on determining factors that influence outcomes from radiotherapy treatment and the wide variation in RT toxicity experienced. This includes patient-related factors, e.g. smoking; treatment-related factors, and genetic factors (radiogenomics). I am the Chief Investigator for RAPPER, a large UK radiogenomics study and a member of the international Radiogenomics Consortium.

I am Chair of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists Part 1 Exam Board.

Previous history

I qualified in medicine from Oxford University and subsequently trained in Oxford, Bath, Nottingham and Cambridge. I was awarded a PhD from the University of Cambridge in February 2012.

Memberships and accreditations

Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists.

Personal interests

I enjoy running, cycling, music and textiles.