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Bev Speight

Principal genetic counsellor

I am a genetic counsellor in the East Anglian Medical Genetics service. My lead role and primary responsibility is for cancer genetics across our regional service.
Bev Speight - she wears glasses and a green jumper

My current role

My specialist interest and lead role is in cancer genetics. I am part of the East of England Regional Genomics Network and the UK cancer genetics group.

I see patients referred to our cancer and general adult genetics clinics in Cambridge and Norfolk.

Previous history

Before joining CUH in 2011, I worked as a genetic counsellor at the Manchester centre for genomic medicine, where I completed my training in 2008.

Membership and accreditations

I am registered with the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (opens in a new tab).

I am a council member and the honorary treasurer for the UK Cancer Genetics Group (opens in a new tab).

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