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Dr Jelle van den Ameele

Honorary consultant neurologist

I am a Wellcome Clinical Fellow at the University of Cambridge and work as a honorary consultant in the neurogenetics clinic at Addenbrooke's hospital.
Dr Jelle van den Ameele

My current role

I mainly work as a researcher at the department of clinical neurosciences and the MRC mitochondrial biology unit (opens in a new tab), where I study genetic disorders called 'mitochondrial diseases'.

In my clinical role, I co-lead one of the specialist neurogenetics clinics in Addenbrooke's, and am part of the clinical mitochondrial research group MitoCamb (opens in a new tab).

Previous history

I studied medicine and trained as a neurologist at Ghent University in Belgium, and completed a PhD at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) before moving to Cambridge in 2014.

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