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Dr Gail Horan

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

My areas of expertise include the management of Prostate/Bladder/Sarcoma cancers in adults and radiotherapy for children with cancer. I also treat haematological patients with Total body radiotherapy as part of the transplant team.

My current role

I am currently the Clinical Lead for the radiotherapy department in Cambridge, a member of the Proton NHSE panel and the Embryonal tumour Group (CCLG). Also, the lead Radiotherapy for PNET5 and HRMB trials with European colleagues.

I work on Mondays in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, and the rest of the week in Cambridge.

My research interests are improving outcomes for children with brain tumours, and recruiting to oncology trials in all the tumour sites I treat.

Previous history

I have been a consultant in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge since 2007.


Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologist, UK.

Member of the European Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE) Brain Tumour (CNS).

Quality and Excellence in Radiotherapy and Imaging for Children and Adolescents with Cancer across Europe in clinical trials (QUARTET) group.