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Dr Julia Loudon

Patient Governor and Lead Governor

Patient Governor and Lead Governor - Julia Loudon

Julia received excellent care when a patient at Addenbrooke’s some years ago and, as a result, was keen to support the Trust. She was elected as a Patient Governor in 2015, then in 2017 was elected Lead Governor. As a governor she has had the opportunity to apply the skills, qualities and experience developed over her career in the healthcare industry and has found it an educational and fulfilling experience.

Being passionate about good health, Julia is committed to ensuring patient care is top of the Trust’s agenda and she actively contributes towards initiatives that will help deliver and maintain this. She regularly participates in a wide range of Trust activities and initiatives, including Patient Focus Groups and quality inspections of wards and clinics where she has the opportunity to talk with patients and understand their needs and concerns. She is also a governor representative on several Trust committees, including Patient Experience, Organ Donation and Joint Drugs &Therapeutics, and is an observer at the board’s Quality subcommittee.

In addition to her governor responsibilities, Julia has served as a patient representative on steering groups for breast cancer clinical trials. In 2018 she worked with the Rosie team to prepare for the UNICEF Stage 3 ‘Baby Friendly’ inspection. The Rosie was awarded Stage 3 accreditation in 2019.

As Lead Governor

Julia has increased the impact and influence of governors through sharing of information, more targeted questioning at meetings and ensuring the concerns raised by governors are included in reports to the Board and discussed with the Trust’s Non-Executive Directors. She also participates in a regional Lead Governors forum, where experiences and ideas are shared. This has proved to be helpful to Councils of Governors in all regional Trusts.

Most of all, Julia has found that by being a governor she has been able to i) gain strong insight and understanding of the work of the hospitals and ii) get involved in how healthcare is provided to the local community, both now and in the future.

In her spare time, Julia loves to participate or spectate across a range of sports. She also enjoys reading and creative writing.