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Dr Josiane Chuisseu

Patient Governor


My current role

I currently work as a senior leader for one of the leading companies in the biotechnology industry. Drawing from my professional expertise in genomics, I have first-hand understanding of the profound impact biomedical research has on advancing healthcare and enhancing patient outcomes.

As a CUH patient and a black woman, my personal experience has highlighted the disparities in access to medical and scientific advancements for underrepresented groups.

I aim to champion initiatives that integrate scientific advancements into patient care and advocate for fair and inclusive access to medical breakthroughs for all individuals, regardless of ethnicity or background.

Previous history

Having completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Germany, Sweden and the UK, I hold a Diplom-Arbeit, an MSc, and a PhD in biological sciences including biochemistry. I have held various roles in the commercial life sciences and contract research sector focusing on genomics.

Personal interests

I spend my time with my family, DIY and getting involved in various projects aimed at improving access to better healthcare and education for underrepresented groups.