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Dr Thais Minett

Consultant Neurointerventional Radiologist

I am a Consultant Neurointerventional Radiologist at CUH.
Dr Thais Minett

Per aspera ad astra


My current role

I perform image guided, endovascular, minimally invasive treatments of cerebral and spinal diseases. My main interests are treatment of aneurysms, mechanical thrombectomy for treatment of ischaemic strokes, embolisation for the treatment of chronic subdural haematomas, CSF and arterio venous fistulas.

I also specialise in Diagnostic Neuroradiology.

Previous history

Clinical roles

I am dually qualified, as a Neurologist and a Radiologist. In the past, I worked as a Consultant Neurologist in Brazil for 12 years, caring for patients with neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

After I moved to the UK, I trained as a Radiologist then combined my two qualifications by training as a neurointerventional Radiologist at Cambridge University Hospitals, where I was later appointed as a Consultant, in 2020.

Research roles

Since obtaining my PhD in neuroimaging in 2003, I have published over 90 peer-reviewed articles and I have worked closely with research methodology, providing over 150 statistical analyses.

Managerial roles

I have shaped training in neurointerventional Rradiology at Addenbrooke's hospital by implementing and pioneering this training scheme for the East of England region.

As part as my wellbeing support, I implemented the CUH Mentoring Scheme for Junior Radiology Trainees.

Membership and accreditations

  • ESMINT - European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy
  • UKNG - UK Neurointerventional Group
  • RCR - Royal College of Radiologists

Personal interests

When I am not at work I enjoy DIY and, if I am not on-call, I join Parkrun on Saturdays.