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Elisa Ferraro

Staff governor

Staff Governor

My current role

I have been working as the Andrology Service Lead at Cambridge IVF since July 2021, which is under the CUH umbrella. The focus of my work has been male infertility and fertility preservation, especially for oncology patients and LGBT+ patients. I also act as Andrology Quality Lead and continue to work tirelessly to continually improve the quality of the services provided.

Recently, I have been representing the service at different national and international conferences.

CUH has offered me the opportunity to attend different leadership courses. From these courses, I gained an understanding that many NHS services should be better engaged with the community to ensure equitable provision of care.

I am actively involved in research in gene sequencing and have particular interest in the use of this technology in healthcare to transform outcomes.

As a staff governor, I aim to raise awareness within the healthcare community to enhance regional continuity of care and I see the implementation of effective integrated care pathways as key to achieving this objective.

Previous history

I was born in Italy and from a very young age, started to develop a passion for science. In 2012, I graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, from the University of Padova, Italy. For the final project, I gained an Erasmus internship grant and I spent a year working within the Laboratory of Pharmacology at the University of Granada, Spain. While working on my project, I realised that I loved working with cells, observing them moving or growing under the microscope, taking care of them and keeping them alive. I also developed a desire to help other people in a more clinical environment, alongside performing laboratory based work.

In January 2017, I graduated in Biotechnology of Reproduction from the University of Teramo, Italy, a Master’s Degree that provided me with a solid knowledge base surrounding human reproduction and the techniques applied in the management, diagnosis and treatment of sub-fertility. Following my graduation, in May 2017, I started working as a Reproductive Technologist at Cambridge IVF. In September 2019, I became the Andrology Support Manager.

Personal interests

I love cooking, eating and spending time with family and friends.

I am the kind of person that likes reading a good book, watching a nice movie, having a walk in our beautiful Cambridge.

One of my biggest passions is travelling the world, meeting new people, getting to know new cultures and meeting family and friends abroad.