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Dr Carina Tyrrell

Public governor

Dr Carina Tyrrell

My current role

I was elected as a Public Governor in July 2021 and re-elected in July 2023.

A British-Swiss public health physician, I’m a healthcare and technology investor - formerly working at Goldman Sachs, and as an Investor and Chief of Staff to the former President of Samsung. I am committed to reducing health inequalities, enhancing access to care, and improving the quality of healthcare for patients and the population. I’m engaged in supporting populations to overcome the effects of COVID-19 as a research scientist at Cambridge University, where my research has focused on COVID-19 antibody detection and identifying COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic trials.

I have worked to make healthcare proactive rather than reactive and bring healthcare to the point of care as a public health lead for the Fenland COVID-19 study at the MRC Epidemiology Unit - I have been investigating the use of Huma software for early COVID-19 detection and trialling a device that enables people to take blood samples at home without the need of a healthcare professional.

Passionate about innovation and having been a founder from the Cambridge Judge Business School accelerator, I  mentor entrepreneurs and have supported founders as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for healthcare focused venture capital firms. My work is now focused on driving the translation of technology into healthcare systems and investing in biotech, digital health, and medtech to provide enhanced patient-centred care. 

Previous history

I practised medicine as an NHS physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and have worked with local and national government and international organisations, including the UK Government, Public Health England, and the World Health Organization. My areas of research have included identifying therapeutic targets, behaviour change and prevention strategy for non-communicable diseases, international health policy, data sharing strategies, emerging respiratory viruses and global disease outbreaks. I completed my medical training and Master of Public Health at Cambridge University.

Personal interests

I am a Council Member for the Royal Society of Medicine, Public Health and Epidemiology Section. I am a mentor for KQ Labs at the Francis Crick Institute – an accelerator supporting early-stage start-ups to improve human health.