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Dr Helena Rubinstein

Public Governor


My current role

I was elected as a Public Governor in July 2024 for my first three-year term of office. I have lived locally for more than 30 years and witnessed the rapid expansion of the biomedical campus. This expansion is exciting but also presents unique challenges for the Trust and for the local community.

As an Innovation Consultant working with large global corporations, I am all too aware of the issues that organisations face during periods of significant change. And as a behavioural scientist and health psychologist, I have been involved in understanding how patients and health staff respond to major change. For example, I led research on increasing pandemic vaccination uptake, which has been one of the most disruptive events in recent times.

In my role, I aim to:

  • Listen to the needs of local residents and represent them effectively.
  • Understand the complexity of health-related issues and advocate for innovative solutions.
  • Navigate complex organisational structures during times of transformation.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams to drive positive change in health services.

I believe that my professional experiences in behaviour change, health delivery, hospital design research, and in social and health psychology, are useful to help improve Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) services in both the short term and long term.

Previous history

I started my working life as a researcher in hospital design and after a detour working in communications and marketing, I later transitioned into health and social psychology.

My career has provided me with insights into the complexities of health-related issues and how complex organisations operate under stress and transformation. I am accustomed to working collaboratively in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams.

Personal interests

I am a founding member of GAABS, The Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists. I also guest lecture in applied behavioural science at the University of Cambridge, The City University and Kings College London. I am trained to teach Pilates and in the spare time I have left, I go for long walks and read voraciously.