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Claire Rudwick

Specialist nurse for DBS


My current role

I am a specialist nurse supporting patients with either tremor or Parkinson's along their deep brain stimulation pathway. DBS is an advanced surgical option offered to suitable patients struggling with either advanced Parkinson's or tremor.

I work closely with Dr Philip Buttery, neurology consultant and neurosurgeons Mr Robert Morris and Mr Harry Bulstrode, as well as the inpatient and community Parkinson's nurses.

Previous history

I have worked within neurosciences at CUH since 2004, on various neurosurgical and trauma wards and in a teaching role, until taking this post in October 2019.

I very much enjoy my current role and hope that patients find me accessible and approachable; if I do not know the answers I have a very strong network of colleagues who do.

Personal interests

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my little young grandsons and spending time in nature accompanied by my two labradors.

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