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Mr Daniele Borsetto

Ear, nose and throat consultant

I am a consultant with special interest in otology, hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo / dizziness, hearing implants and skull base tumours / pathologies.
Daniele Borsetto

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My current role

I am currently an ENT consultant at Cambridge University Hospitals. I am mainly involved in the treatment of skull base pathologies, hearing loss, middle ear conditions and dizziness / vertigo.

Previous history

Before Joining CUH as a consultant, after my training in Italy, I did a fellowship in head and neck cancers in Birmingham, a fellowship in anterior and lateral skull base in Addenbrooke's, a fellowship in otology and lateral skull base at Guy's and St Thomas' and finally a fellowship in otology and hearing implants at Addenbrooke's hospital. I completed my MPhil in cochlear implants with the University of Cambridge in 2021.

Membership and accreditations

I am a member of multiple national and international societies of general ENT, otology, balance and skull Base.

Personal interests

When I am not at work I enjoy simply playing with my children, but I don't mind a day out trekking, fly fishing and a good football match sometimes.