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Professor Grant Stewart

Professor of surgical oncology, University of Cambridge and honorary consultant urological surgeon, Addenbrooke's Hospital

I am an academic urological surgeon with a specific interest in optimising the management of patients with initially localised renal cancer. I provide all modes of treatment for kidney cancer, from major open surgery to robotic minimally invasive approaches.
Professor Grant Stewart

My current role

I am the Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Cambridge, where I have a focus on developing and promoting surgery related clinical trials and translational research.

I am particularly interested in the concepts of early detection and screening for kidney cancer as well as giving drug treatments around the time of surgery with the aim of optimising survival of this cancer. In order to make practice changing developments I have developed a range of interlinked clinical trials and translational research offered to the majority of our kidney cancer patients.

Previous history

I moved to Cambridge in 2015 from a post as Senior Lecturer in Urological Surgery at the University of Edinburgh and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.


I am:

  • Fellow and assistant Dean at Selwyn College, Cambridge
  • Co-lead Urological Malignancies Programme and Integrated Cancer Medicine Programme CRUK Cambridge Centre
  • Chair of the Scientific and Education Committee of The Urology Foundation
  • Trustee of The Urology Foundation
  • Member of the Clinical Expert Review Panel of Cancer Research UK
  • Trustee of Kidney Cancer UK
  • Section Editor of the British Journal of Urology International
  • Member of Association of Academic European Urologists
  • Honorary Professor University of Leeds

Personal interests

In my free time I enjoy watching my children grow up, running (retired hill runner), and also play Golf (badly!).