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Elaine Chapman

Lead Advisory Nurse and Co-production Lead for the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital

Coming with past experience of cancer services as the Lead Cancer Nurse, I bring to the CCRH a wealth of clinical knowledge. In former roles I have also established strong working relationships with my colleagues at CUHFT, the Cancer network and with our patients via the Cancer Patient Partnership Group. I very much hope that my background and passion to drive care as patient centric will support us as we continue to plan, design and finally bring CCRH to life on the CUHFT campus.
Elaine Chapman

My current role

As the lead advisory nurse and co-production lead for CCRH the aim of my role is to ensure that CUHFT colleagues, stakeholders, patients and cares are engaged with during the course of the project and into the building once opened. To do this, I work closely with the Major projects teams, colleagues in Cancer, Operational services and with the Patient Advisory Group (PAG) to exchange and developed key prioritise. Initially this work has been at a very high level to create an outline business case but now is becoming much more detailed to create a full business case that will be considered as part of the government’s New Hospital Projects scheme. It will conclude all manner of details from the placement of plug sockets to the best nursing model for patients being cared for in all single rooms.

Previous history

I have been at Addenbrooke’s for about 14 years and did my general nursing training at the University of East Anglia. All of my previous experience in nursing and a few years spent handling the finances for my family’s business have meant that my career has been quite diverse and very interesting.