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Mari Kelly-Gross

Locum chaplain

I moved to Cambridge from Ireland in 1987 and have lived and worked here since then.
Mari Kelly-Gross

Previous history

I am a trained nurse; while my family was growing up, I worked both in nursing and as a teaching assistant in my sons' primary school. I was always active in parish pastoral work at St Philip Howard church, which led me to volunteer work in chaplaincy at Addenbrooke's hospital.

When my sons were older I returned to study. I attended Margaret Beaufort institute of theology, the Catholic house of the Cambridge theological federation. I was awarded a diploma of higher education in Christian theology from Anglia Ruskin University, and a BA hons degree in theology, ministry and mission from Durham University. In 2020 I was very happy to be welcomed back to Addenbrooke's as chaplain.

Personal interests

In my free time I enjoy painting and illustrating. Whenever possible I like to go on holidays with my family.