Outpatients In COVID-19 times

Patient information

‘Help us, to help You attend your appointment safely’

At CUH Outpatients clinical care to over  17,000 patients at our hospitals receive outpatient care in the form of consultations, assessments, tests and treatments.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made changes to the ways we deliver this care.

We are aiming to minimise the need for our patients to leave the safety of their home. Our clinicians use safer routes of communication, like telephone or video consultations, and processes which are based on now well established rules of social distancing and personal protection. 

The arrangements within Outpatients at CUH make it a safe place to visit if there is a medical need.

If you have questions about how your referral is being managed please click here.

To help us help you attend your appointment safely, please consider the following:

  • At all times, social distancing must be adhered to by anyone visiting the hospital site.
  • All outpatients and visitors at Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospitals will be required to wear a face covering when inside the hospital premises.
  • Ideally, anyone attending an outpatient appointment should do so alone.
    • If you need support to attend the hospital site (such as driving), then the person should bring you to the doors of the outpatient department and then return to their car in the car park. They should not enter the hospital building.
    • Relatives/carers will not be allowed to attend appointments unless their support is required to undertake the consultation (*see detailed definitions below).
  • Enter the building through the sign-posted entrance for your clinic only, shortly before the advised time.
  • You will be met by a member of staff and advised to wash your hands.
  • Go straight to the clinic reception stated in your letter.
  • If you are expected to be in the outpatient department for a period of time, you are advised to bring your own refreshments with you.
  • Once the outpatient appointment has finished, we ask you to leave the department and return directly to your mode of transport and leave the site.

* Exceptional circumstances for one person to be allowed to accompany the patient to their appointment.

This must be clarified with the team at the outpatient entrance.

  • If someone has a specific caring role – for children, for patients who may lack capacity or have a learning disability, or by supporting a communication need (deaf/blind)
  • If it is felt that a patient should be accompanied by one relative, friend or loved one, due to the nature of the outpatient appointment, the clinical team will communicate this to the patient prior to attending.

Do you care for a loved one or friend and need support in order to attend your appointment?

A Family Carers’ Prescription gives carers of any age, including young carers, support around their own health. This can be support to make it easier for you to attend your own medical appointments or help with your own physical or mental health if caring is having a big impact on your own health (which could include a break from your caring responsibilities).

To find out more see https://www.caringtogether.org/fcp

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