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Physiotherapy (Outpatient)

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We aim to provide fast access to our quality service. We're a large outpatient physiotherapy department with an excellent reputation, partly due to our highly skilled therapists many of whom have post-graduate qualifications to a Masters degree level.

Attend Anywhere video consultation

Did you know your outpatient appointment for this service may now be done by video consultation using Attend Anywhere. This enables you to be able to attend your appointment from home, saving you time and money.

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We provide a wide range of services which allows us to effectively treat a large variety of conditions. Referrals are accepted from GPs for patients living or working in Cambridgeshire; Physiodirect; or from Addenbrooke’s consultant teams.

We are committed to helping people to achieve agreed goals, and strive to use the findings of medical research to help us provide the most efficient and effective treatment.

Finding us

The outpatient physiotherapy department is situated in the outpatient area of Addenbrooke's Hospital on level 2 (ground floor), to the left of the WRVS canteen. Follow the signs from the entrance to outpatients, or ask at either reception desks in outpatients or by the main entrance.

Information for patients

We provide services for: Musculoskeletal conditions, Women’s Health and Urogynaecological conditions, Neurological problems. Most outpatients who have had appointments made via their general practitioners (GPs) will be seen in the physiotherapy outpatients Department.

However, there are exceptions: patients of the rheumatology and respiratory medicine departments are treated in the F&G gym, patients of neurological services are treated in the Lewin rehabilitation unit gym, patients of the Rosie Hospital are treated in that hospital, inpatients are often treated on or near the wards or specialist units.

Non-urgent advice: Resources

We have a range of resources available for patients, offering advice and guidance on exercises and other information relating to physiotherapy.

Self referral

For patients registered with a GP, please fill out the form and return it to the Outpatient Physiotherapy Department at Addenbrooke's Hospital or hand it in to your GP. Note that we cannot accept referrals for individuals under 16 years old.