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Covid medicines delivery unit (CMDU)

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Covid medicines delivery unit (CMDU) for high-risk, non-hospitalised patients with Covid-19

Antibody infusions are now available for high risk patients (not in hospital) who are symptomatic and test positive for Covid-19 by PCR. Antiviral oral medication is available for the same group of patients aged 18+, but is not licensed for under 18s.

Treatments have to be started within five days of symptom onset, or five days of PCR if initially pre-symptomatic. Risk categories are defined nationally and do not include asthma, COPD, obesity or diabetes.

Most patients will flag through the national high risk reporting system but if, as a clinician or specialist nurse, you are worried about one of your patients, you can refer them to their local CMDU.

Details of all CMDUs can be found on the national website (opens in a new tab) and referrals for patients outside of Cambridgeshire should be targeted to the appropriate CMDU.