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Functional bowel nurse-led service

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This specialised nurse-led service offers assessment and advice in regards of bowel symptoms. We provide information about practical measures and lifestyle changes which can improve the function of your bowel and so improve your bowel symptoms. We work with consultants, physiotherapists, dietitians in secondary care (hospitals), GPs and our colleagues in the community.

The service is provided for patients with functional bowel disorders. We can help patients who have problems with:

  • bowel leakage / incontinence including after surgery
  • constipation – sometimes associated with other health concerns
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • anal muscle weakness and anal pain
  • difficulty with bowel function associated with pelvic organ prolapse
  • young people who have had care previously in the children services for bowel symptoms.

Key staff

  • Tracey Bailey – Clinical nurse specialist, functional bowel
  • Prudencia Belle - Clinical nurse specialist, functional bowel


If you have been sent a patient pack containing information leaflets before your appointment please bring the bowel diary with you.

No physical preparation is required for this treatment.

You will be able to travel home and continue with your normal activities afterwards.

What will happen to me?

You will see a clinical nurse specialist for your treatment. Your first consultation will involve a detailed assessment of your bowel symptoms, general health, diet, and medications that you may be taking, and other factors that may influence your bowel function.

Using this information and the results of any investigations you may have had, the nurse will discuss the likely causes of your problems and plan a treatment programme for you to work on together. The nurse will explain anything that you need to know.

Verbal and written advice will be given. This may include changes to your current medications, diet and lifestyle. The advice may include specific exercises for you to complete.

We may refer you for further tests, investigations and other health professionals should they be needed or if they have not already been completed. They will be explained to you during your clinic appointment and any questions you have about them answered.

How long will it take?

The session usually lasts approximately 45 minutes for new patients and 30 minutes for follow up patients. We offer new appointments face to face, via video link and by telephone. This will depend upon your symptoms. Most patients will be reviewed two to three times. It may take several months before you feel an improvement in your symptoms.


The process of treating you is highly individual and personal to you. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with us and be confident that any information you give us remains confidential.


The functional bowel nurse led service aims to help you improve control of your bowel symptoms without the use of any invasive treatment.


There are no risks associated with this treatment.

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Referral information

You can be referred to the functional bowel nurse led service by your consultant, health care professional or GP.