Our services

We provide a comprehensive service in allergy for adults and children. Most of our patients are seen as outpatients (in Clinic 2A), but we also have inpatient facilities.


For allergy, skin tests and diagnostic challenge tests are performed.

We have a specialist nut-allergy clinic and an insect-sting allergy clinic and we also provide management plans for anaphylaxis (including training in Epi-pen™ and school visits) and severe reactions, e.g. glottal oedema.

We offer desensitisation for bee-venom and wasp-venom allergy, pollen hay fever and cat allergy.

Non-urgent advice: Before your appointment

  • Please do not take anti-histamine medications for three days before appointment as this will interfere with the allergy testing.
  • If you suspect you are allergic to fruits and vegetables, please bring one of each with you as these are needed for allergy testing.
  • Also to bring unusual fish or shellfish.
  • Please bring a urine sample in a clean container labelled with your full name.


We care for inpatients:

  • with severe or poorly controlled disease, eg asthma, rhinitis or eczema
  • with multi-system allergic disease
  • or where an allergic aetiology is suspected

An allergy referral often identifies common triggers and allows a unified approach to management.