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Welcome to the Neonatal Unit with the Rosie Hospital. We provide care and specialist treatment for some of the sickest and most vulnerable babies in the region.

An introduction to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Video transcript: NICU introduction

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Welcome to the Neonatal

Intensive Care Unit.

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Or in short, NICU,

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in the Rosie hospital at Addenbrookes.

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Before you enter NICU

we ask you to wash your hands,

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reducing the risk of infection

for your baby is important,

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and you will need

to wash your hands again

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when entering the room

where your baby is being cared for,

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as well as regularly whilst on the unit.

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Access to our reception is

via an intercom.

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Parents and siblings

have 24 hour access to the unit.

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In the absence of your partner,

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you are able to have either

a family member or a friend

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as a support person.

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Please be aware

that on different occasions,

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visiting policy may change.

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Please leave your coats and jackets

and use the lockers provided.

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The delivery unit or DU is only steps

away from the neonatal unit.

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This is our transport incubator

which has all the equipment

00:01:08,720 --> 00:01:13,240

we need to be able to safely

transport your baby to NICU.

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Depending on your baby's needs,

a nurse and doctor may be present

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at your delivery

or arrive shortly afterwards.

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Your partner is welcome to

come with us to NICU

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to see where your baby

will be admitted to.

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After admission to NICU

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most babies are nursed in an

intensive care cot called an incubator.

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Everything you baby needs is right here.

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We have different machines

to support your baby's breathing,

00:01:41,040 --> 00:01:42,680

if this is needed.

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We will explain to you what

treatment your baby needs and explain

00:01:46,080 --> 00:01:48,280

the different devices when

your baby's admitted.

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You will be able to see your

baby as soon as possible.

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When you will be able to have

your first cuddle will very much

00:01:56,040 --> 00:01:59,040

depend on you and

your baby's condition.

00:01:59,040 --> 00:02:01,600

We can help to provide

other comfort measures

00:02:01,600 --> 00:02:03,600

if you are unable

to hold your baby.

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The unit is divided into three areas:

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Intensive Care (ITU)

00:02:10,800 --> 00:02:13,240

High Dependency (HDU)

00:02:13,240 --> 00:02:15,960

Special Care (SCBU)

00:02:18,360 --> 00:02:21,440

We are a specialist unit

for extremely pre-term

00:02:21,440 --> 00:02:24,440

sick babies or babies

needing specialist input.

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If you are not from Cambridge,

once your baby is stable,

00:02:28,400 --> 00:02:31,640

we'll prepare your baby

for transfer to the local hospital

00:02:31,840 --> 00:02:34,560

in order to put everything

in place for going home.

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We have a specialist team

who will transfer your baby.

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Our parents room is for

parents and siblings only.

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Drink facilities are available.

00:02:45,080 --> 00:02:49,320

Please see the information board for more

details on our parent support sessions.

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If you choose to breastfeed

or use your own milk,

00:02:53,960 --> 00:02:56,280

the expressing room is available.

00:02:56,280 --> 00:02:58,560

We will talk to you

about different feeding options

00:02:58,560 --> 00:03:01,840

when your baby is admitted to the unit

and support your choices.

00:03:02,760 --> 00:03:06,160

In addition to breastmilk, we

also have access to donor breastmilk

00:03:06,160 --> 00:03:08,880

and different formulas

depending on your baby's needs.

00:03:10,040 --> 00:03:13,440

We have limited parent accommodation

available in Chestnut House,

00:03:13,600 --> 00:03:17,600

which is run independently

from the hospital by the charity

00:03:17,600 --> 00:03:22,880

The Sick Children’s Trust. Availability

will be discussed on an individual basis

00:03:23,400 --> 00:03:27,360

once your babies are connected.

Car parking is available close by,

00:03:27,560 --> 00:03:30,560

please check for any available discounts.

00:03:31,200 --> 00:03:34,440

We are also able to offer you

video calls with your baby.

00:03:35,120 --> 00:03:38,200

Please talk to the nurse looking

after your baby about this option.

00:03:39,480 --> 00:03:42,840

We know that being a parent to

a baby on NICU is stressful.

00:03:43,320 --> 00:03:46,040

A team of clinical

psychologists, counsellors,

00:03:46,040 --> 00:03:49,680

and chaplains work closely

with us to support you on your journey.

00:03:50,360 --> 00:03:52,560

Many families find this helpful.

00:03:53,880 --> 00:03:55,640

Thank you very much for watching,

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we are looking forward

to welcoming you onto NICU.

00:03:59,640 --> 00:04:01,800

If you have any questions,

please don't hesitate

00:04:01,800 --> 00:04:04,720

to contact your local midwife

who will be happy to help.

Our Neonatal unit includes the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, also known as NICU, High Dependency Unit, also known as HDU, a Special Care Unit, also known as SCBU and the Neonatal Outreach Team. All of these departments are interlinked and work together to provide the best possible care and treatment.

There are many reasons why a baby may be admitted to the Neonatal Unit. These include being born too early, too small, needing surgery, or needing extra care after being born.

The Neonatal staff looking after your baby will explain everything to you as soon as possible.

As parents, you are the most important people in your baby’s life, so we understand how important it is for us to keep you updated and involved throughout your baby’s stay.

We are happy for you to phone anytime of the day or night to ask about your baby. However, if possible, please try to avoid the nursing handover periods which are 7:45am-8: 15am, and 19:45pm-20:15pm.

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A labelled map of the neonatal unit, showing the numbered treatment rooms, parent facilities and staff areas
Map of the neonatal unit

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