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Our services A-Z

We provide a regional service specialising in adult immunodeficiency disorders.

Our team of medical consultants, specialist registrars, and specialist nurses offer a range of services including:

Investigation of people who may have immunodeficiency

This is usually someone who is getting many infections.

Investigation of people who may have a secondary immunodeficiency

Investigation of people who may have a secondary immunodeficiency linked to cancer treatments or treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Replacement therapy with immunoglobulins (antibodies)

For people whose immune systems are unable to make enough of their own antibodies, including training for patients to infuse immunoglobulin therapy at home at home.

Hereditary angioedema service

For diagnosis, support and management of this condition.

Specialist clinics for immunodeficiency patients

For patients with respiratory or infectious complications run jointly with the Immunology and other specialist teams.

Transitional care for young adults with immunodeficiency

For patients moving from children’s (paediatric) to adult services.

Management of inpatients

For patients who have been hospitalised with complications arising from immunodeficiency.

Satellite Immunology clinic

Clinics are held at Peterborough City Hospital

Regional Immunoglobulin Approval Panel

Hosts of the regional Immunoglobulin Approval Panel.

We also work closely with colleagues from other specialties to provide advice on immunology, including on the results of tests from the immunology laboratory.

Contact us

Contact details for Immunology Secretaries

Telephone: 01223 256085 or 01223 217141

Immunology Nurse Specialists

The Immunology Nurse Specialists telephone and email advise services are for patients to access non-urgent clinical nursing advice only.

Telephone: 01223 586830

Email (non-urgent):

Please do not use the Immunology Nurse Specialist services  for referrals, advice and guidance and appointment queries. Please contact  enquiries and appointments: 01223 256085 or 01223 217141

Non-urgent advice: Clinic opening times

We currently have clinics with face to face appointments at Addenbrooke’s or by telephone on the following days/times. Some staff are able to offer video appointments.

Satellite clinics

There is a satellite clinic at Peterborough City Hospital on Tuesday mornings.

Your referral

As a patient you may be referred into the Immunology service from primary, secondary and tertiary health service providers through written referral. On receipt of referral and triage. Our aim is for you to be seen within eight weeks of a referral being received, sooner if triaged as urgent.

You will be seen by a clinical immunologist in the first instance. Immune investigations may be requested. Blood tests may be undertaken at the same time if you are seen at the hospital, or forms sent to have blood taken at a later date. Other tests requested will usually be carried out at a separate appointment (e.g. lung function testing, x-rays or scans).

Information for patients

We value your feedback, views and input to our services. If you have any suggestions of feedback please contact our Patient advice and liaison service (PALS)


Phone: 01223 216756

  • 09:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday
  • Closed weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Voicemail service available outside working hours

We host Immunology patient days with updates and educational lectures, we will keep you informed of upcoming events.

Additional resources

Advice on mental health

Nasal douching and nasal spray video

Nasal douching and nasal spray video

Nasal douching and nasal spray video


We have developed a range of information that you may find helpful. Please view the documents at the bottom of this page.

Who we work with

We work closely with members of the multidisciplinary team and our colleagues from different teams including:

Paediatric Immunology

Dr Helen Baxendale


Dr Clare Sander

Professor Andres Floto

Infectious Diseases

Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas

Dr Hoi Ping Mok

Gastroenterology/Hepatology team

Dr Jeremy Woodward

Dr William Griffiths

Immunoglobulin therapy

We support more than 400 patients receiving immunoglobulin replacement (antibody infusions). This can be delivered into a vein or under the skin: Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) or Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIG). IVIG is usually delivered in hospital. SCIG can be delivered at home.

Most of our patients opt to be trained to manage their own treatment and receive training in immunoglobulin home therapy in a nurse led clinic. They are then supported through annual reviews and specialist clinics for:

  • Immunoglobulin Infusions – IVIG, SCIG and manual push injection method as appropriate
  • Home Care Therapy Training and nurse led reviews of Immunoglobulin therapy
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist Telephone and email support
Hereditary angioedema (HAE)

We have an established service supporting patient care and management of this condition including:

  • Avoidance of precipitating factors
  • Treatment of acute attacks
  • Prevention
  • Home therapy training for a range of treatment options

The Department has links with the University of Cambridge and takes part in local and national studies.

Satellite Services

A satellite service is hosted a Peterborough Hospital on Tuesdays for patients with Primary and secondary immunodeficiency including:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Immunoglobulin Infusions – IVIG, SCIG and manual push injection method as appropriate
  • Home Care Therapy Training and nurse led reviews of Immunoglobulin therapy

Key Staff